Stribog Scorpion Lower

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The Stribog Scorpion Lower uses Magpul Scorpion Evo Magazines and most magazine releases as well as AR-15 trigger groups, grips and safety selectors. Comes with Strike Industries magazine catch installed.
***This lower is not a firearm and does NOT need to be shipped to an FFL***
Recommended Trigger List - .270" or less is recommended.  Most drop in triggers should have no issues.
Grand Power (Reference) Factory .205"
American AR Gold .209"
CMC Flat .206"
ELF Match Pro SE .250"
Geissele S3G .202"
Geissele SD/SSA/G2 .198"
JPE Roller .199"
KE Arms SLT2 .250"
LaRue Tactical MBT-2 .197"
Rise Armament   .248"
*Note: Not all magazines are compatable with the factory bolt hold open.  Magpul magazines are recommended as they fit and feed reliably.  Factory CZ Scorpion and PSA AKV magazines will require our Extended Bolt Catch, which can now be added to your order!
            Factory CZ Scorpion Magazine
         Magpul Scorpion Magazine
- Utilizes Factory Last Round Bolt Hold Open.
- Flared magwell for easier magazine insertion.
- Comes with replacement M5 grip screw and nut.
- Compatiable with most AR trigger groups and grips.
- Typical lead time is 1 week.
- Made from Nylon, dyed and shotpeened for additional strength.  Produced by Multi Jet Fusion or MJF.
Additional Parts Needed:
- AR15 Trigger Group
- AR15 Safety
- AR15 Safety Detent
- AR15 Saftey Spring
- AR15 Pistol Grip
Upgraded takedown pins can be purchased from:

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  • 5
    this is it

    Posted by bogman on Feb 8th 2021

    strong, great finish, ideal geometry, this is it

  • 5
    Lingle scorpion lower

    Posted by william fonda on Jan 29th 2021

    Fantastic upgrade. Helped with my reliability issues and has been feeding HP and JHP bullets perfectly. The ability to use an aftermarket AR trigger makes this upgrade worth all the money spent.

  • 5
    CZ Lower Review

    Posted by Joey on Jan 22nd 2021

    Absolute pleasure to run. Zero malfunctions after the first couple hundred rounds. This included rapid fire & full 35rd magpul mag dump. LRBHO works great. Even sprinkled in some weak mechanics and still ran superb! Increased my confidence in the platform significantly. Such an awesome investment.

  • 5

    Posted by Mark on Jan 21st 2021

    This really cleans up the look of the bog nicely, appears factory and of course the scorpion mags look great too

  • 5
    Scorpion lower

    Posted by Anthony Potignano on Jan 19th 2021

    The lower was shipped quickly. When I received the lower I was impressed with the quality. Fit, function is exceptional. I highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Stribog Scorpion Lower

    Posted by Alexander M on Jan 1st 2021

    STRIBOG Gen 1 with HBI Non-Reciprocating Bolt. Fit and Finish excellent. Works without issue with Mil-spec Trigger and Safety. Did not reset with my LaRue Tactical MBT-2 during dry fire. I did Shoot 140 115Gr FMJ Rounds using Magpul Scorpion Magazines without issue with LRBHO. Long term hoping this will be a solid upgrade to an already reliable firearm. Can't wait to see a metal version. Also, inside edge of magwell needs rounding as it's a little pointy.

  • 5
    Ohh it's noiceee .. another outfit for my Stribog

    Posted by striggygood on Dec 26th 2020

    Stribog looks good with CZ mags! its a good easy build carrying over the familiar feel of ar-15 internals. Dropped in a PSA trigger pack without any issues and used a mil-spec safety. Saved myself the hassle of the retaining pin clips with the ILWT HK style pins My biggest gripe is the tiny grip screw. Why not a full sized one?? There is a slight gap in the mating lines between the upper and this receiver. I wanted to deduct 1/2 star for the grip screw however no option for that rating exists so i rounded up. Overall, pretty happy with it. Annoyed that my existing GP stick mags are essentially side-lined .. Big plus is the common mag share with my cz evo s1.

  • 5
    Stribog lower

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 25th 2020

    I bought this just as a project. I’ve never had any issues with my Stribog. Totally impressed with this part. I always, when I get something new, try and find something I don’t like about it. Kinda hard to do with this. The grip screw is kinda small is all I could come up with. Not even a real issue lol. Assembly was easy, if you’ve ever done anything with an ar15 before. Most people buying this have probably have a bunch of take off parts that could be used for this. I didn’t go that route though. I’ve never had issues with my Stribog , but if this upgrade is within your means, do it. Go ahead and buy the upgrade pins from ilwt too. Thank me later. Thanks for a great product Lingle Industries!!

  • 5
    Stribog Scorpion Lower

    Posted by Shayn on Dec 22nd 2020

    After approximately 1,000 rds down range.... THIS THING ROCKS!! No fail to; eject, feed or fire from high quality to low quality ammo. Magpul mags lock up nicely and are very reliable in the stribog. Fit and finish is great! Big plus is ability to use AR grips, trigger and safety. That being said I put a LE145 rise armament trigger in, and it turned this pistol into something totally different... Better than the mpx or scorpion too LMAO! This lower is what saved the stribog after suffering from the OEM terrible mags that would randomly blow apart. GOOD JOB LINGLE INDUSTRIES!!!