Extended Bolt Catch - Glock

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Product Overview

Extended bolt stop for your Grand Power Stribog A3 with a Glock lower. The release tabs on our extended bolt stop are 3.5mm wider (per side), and we have extended both tabs back toward the trigger guard by 4.5mm. The flat surfaces for finger/thumb contact have been serrated for traction; all other surfaces and edges have been “dehorned” and smoothed. Made from heat treated 4140 and finished in black nitride.

This component has been through several design and validation processes, each time making careful refinements with the intention of creating a bolt stop perfect for every operator in every situation. The result is a fast and easy to manipulate control that does not interfere with the magazine release or external variables like slings/MOLLE/carriers/clothing or other gear.

  • +3.5mm in Width (Per Side)
  • +4.5mm in Extension (Towards Trigger)
  • 4140 Steel, Heat Treated and Tempered
  • Black Nitride Finished

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

Link to customer produced Stribog Bolt Stop Install Video


(No reviews yet) Write a Review