Polymer Stribog Glock Lower

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Product Overview

The Stribog Glock Lower uses the common Glock magazine as well as AR-15 trigger groups, grips and safety selectors.  This lower utilizes an ambi magazine release and is compatible with ALL SP9A3 upper receivers (A3, A3G, A3S).  This lower will not work on any of the A1 uppers due to the bolt cut. 
- This lower will only work on the A3 uppers, DO NOT attempt to use on the A1 uppers.
- Bolt catch/stop is not included.  If you have the A3G, at new bolt catch is not required.  A3 or A3S owners will need to purchase a new bolt catch.
***This lower is not a firearm and does NOT need to be shipped to an FFL***
Recommended Trigger List - .270" or less is recommended.  Please only use drop in or "casset" style triggers.
Grand Power (Reference) Factory .205"
CMC   .206"
ELF Match Pro SE .250"
JPE Roller .199"
KE Arms SLT2 .250"
Rise Armament   .248"
- New Glock ambi magazine release.
- Utilizes A3G bolt stop.
- Flared magwell for easier magazine insertion.
- Comes with replacement M6 grip screw and nut.
- Compatiable with most AR trigger groups and grips.
- AR15 safety selecter spring and detent included.
- Material: Nylon, produced by Multi Jet Fusion or MJF.
- Cerakoted black finish.
Additional Parts Needed:
- AR15 Trigger Group
- AR15 Safety
- AR15 Pistol Grip
Upgraded takedown pins can be purchased from:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review