Stribog Colt Lower

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Product Overview

The Stribog Colt Lower uses the Colt pattern 9mm magazines and AR15 magazine releases, trigger groups, grips and safety selectors.
***This lower is not a firearm and does NOT need to be shipped to an FFL***
Recommended Trigger List - .270" or less is recommended.  Most drop in triggers should have no issues.
Grand Power Factory .205"
CMC Flat .206"
ELF Match Pro SE .250"
Geissele S3G .202"
Geissele SD/SSA/G2 .198"
JPE Roller .199"
KE Arms SLT2 .250"
Rise Armament   .248"
- Utilizes Factory Last Round Bolt Hold Open.
- Flared Magwell for easier magazine insertion.
- Compatiable with Mil Spec AR15 magazine releases and some ambi magazine releases.
- Comes with replacement M5 grip screw and nut.
- Compatiable with most AR15 trigger groups and grips.
- Typical lead time is 1 week.
- Made from Nylon, dyed and shotpeened for additional strength.  Produced by Multi Jet Fusion or MJF.
Additional Parts Needed:
- AR15 Trigger Group
- AR15 Safety
- AR15 Safety Detent
- AR15 Safety Spring
- AR15 Pistol Grip
- AR15 Magazine Release & Spring
Upgraded takedown pins can be purchased from:


(1 review) Write a Review

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    Figment issues, but feeds everything flawlessly

    Posted by Kyle Pendergrass on Feb 1st 2021

    Wow, impressed. I had issues getting this to fit, not super surprised since nylon can warp a little and I’ve heard the bog has well... questionable QC. In order to get mine to fit I had to use a large file to remove some material from the flat top portion of the lower. It seemed a little rounded compared to stock lower. The mags were very tight and getting trigger pins in was tough because those were also tight. Mags are now much easier to get in and out, but don’t drop free. I don’t really care TBh. Using a short stroke spacer with this lower the gun is transformed. I could never get 3D printed adaptors to function with anything other than 115fmj so I wasn’t sure if this would allow more ammo variety, but holy cow it delivered. I h e c products mags and ASC mags, I even have some with the rc4 follower in them. Didn’t matter. This thing fed 115fmj, 124gr jhp, 147jhp, and even 147tmj. I was extremely pleased. My stock lower could never go do anything other than 124gr jhp and 115 fmj and my mags cracked. I have a pile of colt mags because I have ar9s so I wanted to give this a try. 200 rounds shot on range day. 0 malfunctions. Really happy with this purchase. Getting to use spare AR15 parts is a huge plus. Well done.