Gen 2 Stribog Colt Lower

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Expected release date is Mar 30th 2024

Product Overview

Open for Pre-Orders!  This may be the last batch of Stribog Colt Lowers we do so don't wait!  Estimated ship date of 3/30 for pre-ordered lowers.  
The Gen 2 Stribog Colt Lower uses the Colt pattern 9mm magazines and AR15 magazine releases, trigger groups, grips and safety selectors.  An internal, ambidextrious bolt catch is installed in the lower.
- Please reference our troubleshooting page before purchasing for helpful installation tips.
***This lower is not a firearm and does NOT need to be shipped to an FFL***
Recommended Trigger List - .270" or less is recommended.  Most drop in triggers should have no issues.
Grand Power Factory .205"
CMC Flat .206"
ELF Match Pro SE .250"
Geissele S3G .202"
Geissele SD/SSA/G2 .198"
JPE Roller .199"
KE Arms SLT2 .250"
Rise Armament   .248"
- Internal, ambidextrious bolt catch included with the lower.
- Flared Magwell for easier magazine insertion.
- Compatiable with most AR15 magazine releases.
- Compatiable with most AR15 trigger groups and grips.
-Machined from billet 7075 aluminum with a black, hard anodize finish.
Additional Parts Needed:
- AR15 Trigger Group
- AR15 Safety
- AR15 Pistol Grip
- AR15 Magazine Release
Upgraded takedown pins can be purchased from:
Disclaimer: Lingle Industries is not affiliated with Grand Power or Global Ordnance.  The use of "Grand Power" or "Global Ordnance" is for advertising of aftermakert products for Grand Power platforms only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review