Hiperfire® X2S MOD3 Trigger

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Product Overview

Recommended 2-stage trigger for the SCAR AR 17 Lower!

  • Two-stage AR trigger
  • Minimal, user adjustable, 2 - 3 pound first stage
  • Minimal second stage wall with a 1 1/2 pound weight
  • Total 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 pound pull with green or red springs respectively
  • Distinct wall between first and second stages allows for effective "prepping" of the trigger for added control
  • Clean, effortless break
  • Weightless, imperceptible over-travel
  • Cam-Over Toggle Engine allows for lighter pull weights without losing hammer strike energy
  • Soft Start Lock-Up aids in eliminating rifle "flinch" after the break for more accurate shots at distance
  • Radical Sear Mechanics allow for the use of heavier hammer springs to aid in longevity and eliminating light primer strikes
  • Tactile Weightless Break means there is no mushy over-travel after the break
  • Flat trigger bow
  • HIPERSHOE finger pad reduces the perceived trigger pull weight for a lighter feel
  • First stage slightly shorter than the MOD-1 design
  • Same sear design as its MOD-2 counterpart, but a flat trigger bow with upgraded Black Nitride coating


(No reviews yet) Write a Review